About this torah

Meet Rav Bernstein

Rabbi Bernstein is a distinguished author of both Hebrew and English books, publishing many works on Chumash, Talmud, and Tefillah. Additionally, Rabbi Bernstein offers weekly lectures that are open to the public on the weekly Torah portion, and other Talmudic topics. Rabbi Bernstein has taught Talmud in Yeshivas Ateres Yisrael, as well as lectured for a number of years at Michlala Jerusalem College for Women. He currently resides in Jerusalem with his family.


About this Site

The inspiration for this site came from shiurim Rav Bernstein started giving over a decade ago. The shiurim are given in English and explore gemara topics thematically. These shiurim would later give way to a sefer called Journeys in Torah which traces selected subjects through multiple volumes of talmud and treats the reader to a broad view of pertinent and practical issues. In keeping with the idea that Torah learning is in fact a journey, Rav Bernstein wanted to extend the idea behind his sefer to the digital realm. Our hope is that you visit the site frequently, stream its audio to your phone, iPad or computer and include the illuminating Torah of Rav Bernstein on your journey. L’Chaim, Tovim, U’L’Shalom.